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Aquaman secretly introduces Sean Connery to the DC Universe


The Aquaman franchise brings another famous face, and he comes in the form of one of the most legendary submarine captains in fiction.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Aquaman: 80th birthday!

As king of the vast oceans of the Earth, Aquaman meets many new sites – but one of these sites seems oddly familiar to movie aficionados around the world. The real king of Atlantis falls on none other than Sir Sean connery in a humorous cameo in Aquaman: 80th birthday. Eleven stories are told in the giant issue, but only Foxtail, written by Jeff Parker with illustrations by Evan “Doc” Shaner and letters from Rob Leigh, features everyone’s favorite Russian submarine captain.

Commemorating eight decades of Defender of the Deep comic book history, Aquaman: 80th anniversary comes at a time when many characters from the Golden Age are celebrating their octogenarian status as heroes of classic comics. Aquaman might not be as famous or beloved as Batman or Superman, but Arther Curry certainly has his fans; the critical and commercial successes of 2018 Aquaman the movie is a sign that the character is no longer considered a joke, to begin with. In a scene based on said film, Arthur must board a nuclear submarine – despite being manned by a volcanic squid.

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As Aquaman tries to gently lift the squid’s tentacles from the submarine, the ship fires a torpedo. Aquaman is furious – their crew will surely destroy each other along with the creature – and the only way to save the two is to let the torpedo strike. him instead of. Dizzy and very Angry at the resulting explosion, Aquaman notices a frequency weapon on the submarine – the reason he couldn’t be heard when Aquaman tried to speak to the creature. Aquaman makes his way into the submarine, where he confronts none other than Captain Marko Ramius.

Marko Alexandrovich Ramius, the skillful captain of the Soviet submarine Red October, was memorable played by Connery in the 1990s Red October hunting, a film about a disillusioned captain of the Soviet Union who attempts to defect to the United States (and present the government with an advanced Soviet nuclear submarine as a gift). Connery’s face, hair, and uniform from the film are all perfectly recreated in the comics, although his characterization is quite different from that of Ramius in his first film. It’s more than likely not to be Ramius at all – just a little Easter egg that the artist decided to put into the comics for fans of underwater movies, or maybe just Connery in general. .

Aquaman has fought surface dwellers’ warships since its first issue, so taking on a submarine is nothing new in his world. But meeting a legendary submarine captain played by Sean Connery, sadly deceased in 2020, is certainly a new encounter. Aquaman: 80th anniversary is packed with 100 pages of adventures and stories, but meet Sir Sean connery is a unique moment in the history of Arthur Curry.

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