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Former police detective disarms officer shot dead by second KCKPD officer – Law Officer


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KANSAS CITY, Missouri – A former Kansas City, Kansas police detective identified as Lionel Womack was fatally shot Monday in a scuffle with KCKPD officers.

The police agency said officers were dispatched around 2:30 p.m. for a call about a man acting strangely on the street near North 57th Street and Tauromee Avenue, KSHB reported.

The person who called 911 said the man was standing in the street, looking and pointing at the sky. As the flagman approached, Womack attempted to jump in front of the vehicle, prompting the citizen to summon the authorities.

When the police arrived, Womack began to run towards them “aggressively,” Police Chief Karl Oakman said, according to channel3000.com.

Womack first tried to enter the passenger side of the police unit. He then rounded the vehicle where he contacted an officer.

Womack reached the back of his pants, leading the officer to believe he was drawing a gun. As a result, the officer drew his gun, Oakman said.

Womack then climbed into the driver’s seat of the patrol unit and the same officer attempted to extract him.

As a result, a struggle took place for control of the officer’s weapon. During the fight, two cartridges were fired.

Womack managed to disarm the agent and aimed the gun at the two agents. The other officer then fired at the armed fighter, channel3000.com reported.

“Dude, you just saved my life,” the unarmed officer said to the other, according to the chief’s observation of the body camera video.

Womack was taken to a local hospital, but he did not survive, KSHB reported.

The two officers involved in the violent brawl sustained unspecified injuries. They were treated for “non-life threatening” injuries in a hospital, according to the KCKPD.

The 26-second incident was captured by officers’ body cameras as well as the unit’s dashboard cameras, KCKPD said.

One officer involved is a 17 year veteran of KCKPD. The other has worked in the department for two years.

Womack was hired by KCKPD in 2007. He has several family members who have also been employed at the agency. He was fired on Aug. 11, 2020, due to “personnel issues,” according to Oakman.

His wife, Zee, filed a lawsuit against KCKPD alleging “rampant racism and sexism” in 2019, The Associated Press reported last year.

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