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I’m bad at Dark Souls, but love Elden Ring (Elden Ring Tech Test preview)


Recently I had the opportunity to dive head first into Ancient ring from a somewhat unique perspective. Years of limited but tantalizing hype and teasing had caught my interest like everyone else. Unlike my peers, however, I never fell in love or overly enjoyed the painful experiences of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Persistent death despite my best efforts has never been my bread and butter, and honestly, Ancient ring it looked like it was going to be more of the same. As I jump, however, I now realize that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Truly, Ancient ring is difficult to live up to its predecessors. There are, however, several key milestones in this game that go beyond a brutal death festival. The ability to call for help from my peers, explore the wide world on your own terms, and avoid certain dangers rather than being stuck in front of them by hours of attempted battles made the whole experience freer. and allowed me to take my time and learn the laws of the world. Boy, is there a lot of learning though! Ancient ring has complex traditions and terminology behind objects, activities and everything in between. Those more tuned in to the larger FromSoft meta may find this more familiar than I do, but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what things meant or did, as well as what this world was like. . Certainly in this test at least there was very little introduction to the world or its history. A few vague comments from rude NPC onlookers and a flurry of tall, shiny trees are the only road signs you enter the world with. So, like me, you risk being destroyed by a great adversary clad in golden armor riding towards you with extreme prejudice …

Within hours of being in the deep end, things started to get more familiar. Part of the problem seemed to be that my choice of class didn’t suit me well, and after starting over with another, I realized how crucial a comfortable playstyle was to being successful in this game. Ancient ring offers five course options. The enchanted knights, which I tried first, combine close combat with ranged spells to control enemies throughout combat. I didn’t get along with these people, but I can see their merits for more capable fighters. Prophets increase the spell factor even more and can be a great asset in range, as many allies I have called for help have proven. The Bloody Wolf, my ultimate class of choice, combines a large heavy sword with a usable shield that has saved my soul more than once when ranged enemies or groups of enemies were concerned. The penultimate choice is the Champion, a formidable fighter with impressive area control abilities. Finally, the more traditional warrior seemed to be a frequent choice by cooperative partners; fast movement and quick hitting with much of your classic roll used as a powerful technique. There isn’t a huge difference between the classes, but it’s worth playing until you find the one that suits your playstyle. Landing on the Bloody Wolf was a real bonus for my enjoyment of the game. game, because I felt comfortable in my abilities and used them relatively well compared to more complex class choices.

Take full advantage of the open world in Ancient ring, with its extremely (albeit more grainy) Breath of the Wild feel, I started scouring various corners of the crawlable area in the test before opting to go “the beaten path”. The design of the world and its various corners and dungeons is impeccable, alluring and intimidating. Bright open spaces transform into dark, poorly maintained dungeons with instant transitions to these new environments. The world makes you feel different in its different areas, and this is the best of exceptional design. Dark creatures go about their business quietly in the mines. Large birds roost without any interest in your presence. Enemies patrol and chatter until they spot you where you shouldn’t be. The world is alive with peaceful worldliness and you are not part of it. I quickly fell in love and became more of an explorer than a warrior for many hours of my time in testing the game. Most notable from a design standpoint, of course, were perhaps the gargantuan bosses that stood out. frequently found on my way …

Ancient ringBosses are fearsome, fierce and, most importantly to me, fallible. Now don’t get me wrong I understand that nothing in Dark Souls is impossible. But none of the bosses Ancient ring made me feel depressed, angry or exasperated when trying to beat them. Instead, a powerful but utterly defeated foe felt worthy when he beat me and loved a feat when he fell on my blade instead. I use the term “my” a bit loosely, as in most of the major combat situations that tested me I was able to quickly and politely call for help from other players. Co-op entered the Souls game at one point, but in this game it felt quick and natural to use. A player would appear in my world, help me defeat a large enemy, communicate their satisfaction to me via emotes, and dissipate into the Aether. It was a quick and calm exchange, but it significantly improved my overall experience. It made bosses exciting and tactical to take down and the larger game feels more accessible than anything that came before. Suddenly I was enjoying a game similar to that of souls in all its aspects; be it the world, its people, the tough fight or, indeed, the personalization.

The progression and the customization were things that, again, confused me a bit. There is a lot at stake when it comes to data and not all the language is obvious. Nonetheless, by taking a moment with one element at a time, I was able to make key decisions to constantly improve my character. From a simple leveling system to imbibing my sword in mighty and magical ashes of war, I constantly felt like I was getting at least slightly more powerful. Combined with brewing custom potions and using runic-type buffs, there are plenty of deep and complex strategies involved, even in the background choices you make. I can’t claim to have understood them all, but the fact that I have progressed (enthusiastically no less) Ancient ring that in any Souls-like game I’ve played before has given me a firm impression that this game isn’t just your average FromSoft Death Festival! It’s something that I really, deeply want to play more of.

In my enthusiastic description of how it all fits together and how I can FINALLY see what everyone has been excited about for all these years, I can’t fail to mention the gameplay. The gameplay is very much suited to the class of characters you play. I didn’t get along with the enchanted knight, but playing as a bloody wolf with a shield to help me negotiate enemies attacking from a distance and a bow to retaliate myself made me feel like I did. had a comfortable chance in combat. Crossing the world is largely about walking, horseback riding (once you get the double jump phenomenon that is Spectral Steed), and the much-advertised jumping method. This is a pretty standard affair for an open world game, despite the fact that your horse can fly efficiently under the right conditions. More of that in the full version of the game I’m sure. Combat is what everyone who plays these games wants to know, and to many fans it will feel quite familiar. The need for careful timing supersedes all essence to become an all-powerful force of nature. Your weapons and armaments can be upgraded to have a devastating effect on smaller enemies, but when fighting a bigger boss or a more technical enemy, a combination of timing, parry, and of course roll is still key. Big hits from bigger enemies can be devastating, although there have been far less one-hit wonders in my experience of the game. That being said, the sudden appearance of a MASSIVE dragon m intimidated enough to jump off the couch, exclaim “no!” Strong enough and Spectral Steed I was out of this area for good!

My thoughts on this game are probably unconventional given my previous experiences with the developer’s title library. That being said, no new game is intended just for existing fans, so hopefully my perspective has merit and value for those who aren’t in the know. Ancient ring is, in fact, very similar to Dark Souls and Bloodbourne in terms of mood, style, and mechanics, but there are some changes and additions that give you a chance to fight, regardless of your experience level. The game is still a lot harder than your average RPG; don’t wait for Skyrim from FromSoftware! But in Ancient ring you can progress at will, enjoy the world as much as the challenge, and ask for help when you need it. The pace is slowed down, you are the master of your adventure and you are not alone. For a relative newbie this made all the difference to me and I can’t wait to play more of the game when it is released. Keep an eye out for people, both fans and intrigued new faces. Ancient ring could be the RPG to unite the two sides under its magnificence. It is, potentially, a real winner.

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