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INSIDER Daily Digest – July 1, 2021


This Thursday INITIATED Daily Digest has news on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, cybersecurity funding and more.

We start by looking at Technology Refresh 3, a key F-35 hardware and software upgrade required before the program can incorporate most of the modernization capabilities planned from Block 4:

Ahead of the flight test phase of a major F-35 technology refresh, the Joint Program Office and Lockheed Martin are closely monitoring timing risks and have developed a list of compromise options. if the effort faced further delays over the next year. .

House Armed Services Cyber, Innovative Technologies and Information Systems Subcommittee Chairman Jim Langevin (D-RI) Raises Concerns Over Pentagon’s Request for Information Technology Funding and cyberspace:

The top lawmaker on the House Armed Services Cyber ​​Security and Technology subcommittee on Tuesday expressed frustration with the Defense Ministry’s FY2022 budget request for cybersecurity and IT, arguing that it does not contain much substance and that it is a carbon copy of last year’s request.

Document: House hearing on the DOD e-budget for fiscal year 22

The leader of a major shipbuilding union wants the Navy to fund a second DDG-51 destroyer:

A leading union for machinists and aerospace workers is urging House lawmakers to support funding for a second DDG-51 Arleigh Burke class destroyer in a letter Tuesday.

Document: Letter from Machinists Union urging second destroyer

The Homeowners’ Defense Expenditure Bill for FY-22 would increase the military’s research, development, testing and evaluation budget to $ 13.4 billion:

The House Appropriations Defense subcommittee supports funding for a number of key military modernization priorities, according to its draft 2022 spending bill.

The Pentagon is seeking to address concerns expressed by small businesses about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Program:

The Defense Department has pledged to cut costs for small businesses as part of an ongoing internal review of its cybersecurity maturity model certification program, according to a Pentagon official.


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