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Spotlight on: Hero Haven Toys, Comics & Collectibles


I walked into a house of nostalgia when I entered the local property Hero Haven Toys, Comics & Collectibles. They’re a buyer and seller of toys, comics, Funko pops, cards, and other geeky collectibles. Deep down I’m a huge nerd and geek, and this was such a fun store to browse.

Just entering the store, they had a huge dining table-sized GI Joe aircraft carrier USS Flagg for sale.

If you like Funko, they had one of, if not the largest selection in town.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of WWF (now WWE), Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and He-Man. And there was a lot to sort through. They had many collectibles and toys still in their original packaging and some in ziplock bags.

Walking down the aisles and seeing it all brought so many great memories.

What about Star Wars? Of course, any collection store will have it!

The southernmost wall was like a great comic book wall. You name it and they had it.

This was probably one of my favorite stores I went to on my #ShopLocal tour. Seeing everything made me want to take better care of my toys as a kid OR never open them and keep them for cash later in life. If you have any collectibles that you are looking to sell, they are more than willing to check out what you have.

Hero Haven Toys, Comics, and Collectibles is located at 1625 S. Rock Road. For more information, see them on Facebook or visit their website. You can also reach them at 316-677-7543.

Have you ever been? What shopping suggestions would you make there? Drop them in the comments below!

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