What is cash advance?

A cash advance is the next solution for rapid business capital and a natural extension of our commitment to help maintain your cash flow. This simple process is faster and more profitable than obtaining a traditional loan from a financial institution. Merchants across the United States choose cash advances as a clear option for alternative business financing.Cash advances offer businesses the opportunity to obtain funds quickly. Unlike regular loans, we buy a percentage of your future credit card revenues. Each day, the amount of cash provided is paid through a fixed percentage of your credit card receipts until the advance and payment have been paid. This means that you will have to pay the advance back more quickly during heavy business volumes and more slowly during the lighter volumes. We do not get paid unless we get paid.

  • No guarantee is required
  • No Personal Warranty Required
  • No Fixed payment term
  • minimal procedures

What is cash in advance?

cash in advance

If you process at least $ 5,000 in credit card sales every month, for three months, you are well on your way to approval. With a treasury merchant, you get a fixed amount of money in cash, for any business need, automatically deposited in your bank account. An automatic recovery system is established based on your daily transactions with a credit card.

How does it work?

cash advanced

We give you cash in exchange for a fixed dollar amount of your future credit card sales. At the end of each day, our automated process recovers a small fixed percentage of your seller account from your daily transactions until your advance is paid … you are not paid until you are paid.

How do I start?

How do I start?

Send your credit request with the data via fax or email along with 4 months of your credit card statements. The homologation is usually complete in less than 24 hours and you will get your money in cash in just 3 business days.